Revocable Trusts

The Trust Protection Myth

Gabriel Katzner - June 27, 2019 - Trust Administration

Your Revocable Trust: It May Not Protect You from Lawsuits Here’s a common myth about revocable trusts: Many people believe that when they set up and transfer assets to a Revocable Living Trust, lawsuits can’t touch these assets, and anything placed in the trust will be protected from legal action. This is a false assumption […]

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New York Trust Fund

Discretionary Trusts: Protect Your Beneficiaries from Poor Decisions and Outside Actors

Gabriel Katzner - June 20, 2019 - Trust Administration

You’d like to leave your assets to your children and other beneficiaries after you’re gone, and you’re inclined to choose the simplest and easiest form of distribution. Unfortunately, without some built-in protections, a simple distribution can make your inheritance vulnerable to creditors, predators, ex-partners or divorcing spouses, as well as a 2nd estate tax upon […]

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inheritors trust

What is an Inheritor’s Trust?

Gabriel Katzner - April 22, 2019 - Trust Administration

Trusts can be an essential tool for estate planning purposes, and a trust can take any one of several different forms. The form you choose will vary based on the intentions and goals you have for your estate plan. The inheritors trust, for example, can be used to protect an inheritance if you’re expecting to […]

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