Veteran’s benefits are available to those who have served their country and who were honorably discharged. As you grow older and require more medical services or additional assistance, you may become eligible for veteran’s benefits which are targeted at seniors. These benefits can provide you with important financial help to meet the high costs of aging and can also offer you opportunities to get the care and assistance you need when age-related health issues arise.

Understanding all of the different veteran’s benefits available can be complicated, as can determining what types of benefits you can qualify for. The New York veteran’s benefits lawyers at Katzner Law Group have extensive experience providing comprehensive assistance to veterans and their families. We are proud to help those who served their country and we make it our mission to ensure you get all of the benefits and rewards accrued due to your selfless service. Give us a call to learn about some of the veteran’s benefits which may be available as you age and to get answers to questions including:

  • What veteran’s benefits are available in New York?
  • What do you need to do to obtain veteran’s benefits?
  • How can a New York veteran’s benefits lawyer assist you?

What Veteran’s Benefits are Available in New York?

Veterans are generally eligible for medical care at a VA hospital. If there is no nearby hospital or if care otherwise cannot be provided by the veteran’s administration, veterans may be eligible to receive care from other providers. Eligible veterans and their family members may also have insurance through Tricare, which provides coverage for a variety of different types of healthcare with participating providers. Eligibility for health insurance coverage and/or for care at the VA depends upon multiple factors including years of service.

Veterans may also receive a pension and, if they become bedridden or meet certain other criteria, the pension can be increased by aid and attendance (A&A) benefits. Aid and attendance increases to veteran’s pensions are available in limited circumstances as a veteran ages and needs more costly and intensive healthcare services. For example, a veteran with vision which cannot be corrected to better than 5/200 in both eyes; a veteran who lives in a nursing home; or a veteran who requires assistance with routine activities of daily living can get A&A benefits.

Finally, many different kinds of services catered towards seniors are also available to help provide the care a veteran needs or to help to improve his or her quality of life. Geriatric care services like hospice services, home healthcare and adult day care may be offered free or at reduced charges depending upon income levels. Long-term care benefits can also make it possible for veterans to have costs covered or partially subsidized in a community nursing center or VA home. Copays may be required for nursing home care expenditures, and there may be limited open placements available to accommodate veterans who need full-time care in a nursing home setting.

These and other benefits are intended to make life easier for veterans who are aging by providing them with the additional support which the elderly so often need as illness, injuries, and age-related infirmities develop over time.

What Do You Need to Do To Obtain Veteran’s Benefits?

While there are lots of different benefits available, actually obtaining the benefits you deserve can sometimes be a challenge. Outdated computer systems and backlogs at the VA have made it difficult for veterans to get the benefits they are due, with some veterans even facing health consequences because they are put on waiting lists for procedures at VA hospitals.

It is imperative to be assertive and have a strong advocate helping you to get veteran’s benefits. A New York VA lawyer can help you to assess all of the different benefits you could qualify for; to submit complete and detailed applications for benefits; and to follow up regularly to make sure your claim for benefits is moving forward.

When you have a legal professional on your side who understands how to navigate the bureaucracy and get things done, cutting through red tape is often possible and unnecessary delays can often be avoided.

How Can a New York Veteran’s Benefits Lawyer Help You?

At Katzner Law Group, our experienced legal team is committed to helping veterans and their families to obtain benefits in a timely and efficient manner. Your country owes you much more than a debt of gratitude for your service. As a veteran, you deserve to get all of the benefits promised to you.