An emergency situation can arise in an instant and change lives forever. A person could be struck by a vehicle, suffer a sudden stroke or heart attack, experience a devastating fall, or hurt himself in a number of unexpected ways. Whenever an illness or injury comes on suddenly, proper provisions must be made for care.

In some situations, an emergency medical situation will create a host of long-term issues for the patient and his or her family. For example, sometimes a patient will have a health emergency and will need ongoing nursing care after the incident. Finding out how to pay for this nursing care presents an added, unnecessary challenge at a time when the patient and his family already have a lot on their plate.

The good news is, there may be options, including getting Medicaid to pay for nursing home care. Katzner Law Group can provide you with guidance on Medicaid, on issues that arise in an emergency medical situation, and on other issues that can arise when nursing care becomes necessary. Give us a call today for personalized advice and to get answers to questions including:

  • What happens if I need nursing home care in an emergency?
  • Will Medicaid pay for emergency nursing care?
  • How can a New York emergency medicaid lawyer help me?

What Happens if I Need Nursing Care in an Emergency?

When you or a family member experiences a sudden injury or illness, nursing care may be required either for a temporary recovery period or- in some cases- may be required for the rest of your life. When this occurs, you will need to explore options either for home care or for admission to a nursing home.

Hospitals generally coordinate with nursing home admissions directors so patients can be discharged to appropriate rehab or care facilities. It is also imperative you conduct your own research into any nursing home or home healthcare providers, as there are some homes and care providers which are significantly better at providing patient care than others. When an emergency situation has arisen, you’ll need to ensure there is a bed available for admission.

A New York emergency medicaid lawyer can provide invaluable assistance to individuals who need emergency nursing care. An attorney can also help to determine if there is a power of attorney in place which gives friends or family members of the patient the legal authority to make decisions and sign contracts on behalf of the patient. This can be essential if the nursing home care is necessary for someone who is now incapacitated.

An attorney can also review nursing home admissions contracts and can provide assistance with guardianship proceedings so a friend or family member can gain the authority to get an incapacitated patient admitted to a nursing home in an emergency situation.

Will Medicaid Pay for Emergency Nursing Care?

Emergency nursing care can be costly. In some cases, Medicare or private insurance will pay for a limited period of time in a care facility, such as when a patient is discharged for rehabilitation after a hospital admission. However, Medicare and most private insurers pay only in a few situations and pay for nursing care only for a brief time.

Medicaid is one of the primary sources of payment for nursing home bills, but whether you can get Medicaid to pay for care or not is going to depend upon many factors including whether you can qualify for benefits.

It will take time to submit applications, provide proof of income, and get approval. While there is an emergency Medicaid program, emergency Medicaid is available only for sudden medical emergencies when a patient is in obvious jeopardy, and/or is experiencing acute symptoms indicating dysfunction of a body part or organ. If a patient has already been treated, is stabilized, and is seeking coverage for nursing care, the patient will need to go through a Medicaid application process to qualify for standard Medicaid benefits.

An experienced New York Medicaid lawyer can provide assistance with the process of applying for benefits and can offer help to patients and their families in exploring all options for paying for emergency nursing care.

How Can a New York Emergency Medicaid Lawyer Help?

The Katzner Law Group is committed to providing legal advocacy for individuals and their family members who experience medical emergencies and who need nursing care. Our legal team will help you to understand all of the legal issues which may arise when emergency care is needed and can provide invaluable assistance with reviewing nursing home admissions contracts, applying for Medicaid, and getting bills paid.