The loss of a loved one can shatter your life forever. As you adjust to not having your relative or close friend as a part of your life any more, the grieving process can seem painful and never-ending. Coping with a death is never easy, even when it is expected or when your loved one had lived a full life. Unfortunately for those left behind, not only must you grapple with the emotions raised by your loss but you must also focus on many different legal issues.

A death can impose obligations upon you to go to probate court and to take other legal steps to wind up the deceased’s estate. Many people are unprepared to deal with navigating all of the laws surrounding someone’s passing. Fortunately, you do not have to try to learn the law and become an expert in what to do after a death.

A knowledgeable attorney can give you the legal tools necessary to protect the interests of the deceased, and to protect your own interests as an heir by going through probate court for estate administration, administer a trust, contest of challenge a will, and deal with insurance companies and financial institutions so you can stay focused on yourself and your loved ones during this difficult time.

You can turn to a New York probate and trusts administration lawyer who can handle everything for you. Katzner Law Group is a boutique law firm with a commitment to suburb client service. Our compassionate and knowledgeable legal team is there for you after the death of a loved one. Call us now to learn about the personalized services we offer and to get answers to questions including:

  • Why do you need legal help after the death of a loved one?
  • What can a New York probate lawyer do to assist you?
  • How can you get started with a probate lawyer in New York after the death of a loved one?

Why Do You Need Legal Help After a Death?

After a death occurs, many legal issues arise which need to be addressed. For example:

  • Creditors owed money by the deceased must be given the opportunity to make claims on the estate
  • A last will and testament must be probated
  • Trusts must be administered
  • Estate taxes, if any, must be assessed and paid
  • Property of the deceased must be managed
  • Property must transfer to its new owner, according to the wishes of the deceased

Most people who are coping with a loss are not sure how to begin the probate process, how to determine if a will is valid, or what is involved in trust administration. The process of transferring property can also be time consuming and full of legal complications, while determining how an estate is taxed also involves wading into the complex Internal Revenue Code.

You don’t have to handle these or other legal issues alone- and in fact you should not be handling them because you don’t want make mistakes to be made as the estate is settled. You can get assistance with everything you need after a death by getting help from Katzner Law Group.

How Can a New York Probate Lawyer Help You?

The Katzner Law Group represents executors who are named in the will of the deceased and who have responsibility for initiating probate, managing assets, and overseeing asset transfers. A deceased should name a trusted executor in the will, and this executor has enormous responsibility to see that property is cared for and transferred expediently to new owners.

Our firm can also provide legal representation to others, including relatives or friends who believe they should have inherited, who were given a posthumous gift or who believe a problem with the will existed. If you want to challenge the will, or argue for its validity after it is challenged, our New York probate lawyers have the knowledge to help you make the most compelling case.

Finally, we provide assistance with trust administration and any other issues which arise after a death has occurred. Whether your loved one left behind a will, engaged in estate planning, or simply passed away without a solid plan for the future in place, Katzner Law Group can offer you the benefit of skilled legal advice as you navigate the post-death bureaucracy..

How Can You Get Started with a New York Probate Lawyer?

As soon as your loved one or friend has passed away, you should explore your rights and take affirmative steps to help ensure the rights of the deceased are respected. Whether you are an executor, trust administrator, or family member or loved one who stands to inherit, you need to get proper legal help. Katzner Law Group can provide you with the assistance, advice, and advocacy you need until the deceased’s affairs are fully settled.